Tahoe Blue

Stacy 7/3/13

After Monday’s LONG drive (over 12 hours), we both were dying to get outside and explore summertime Tahoe.  After a quick breakfast of road trip scraps and coffee, we headed over to the local kayak rental sitting at the base of the lake in Tahoe City.  We decided to go with the tandem kayak (because we thought it would be a good relationship test after spending 3 straight days in the car together).  We hopped in, glided out to the middle of the lake and began paddling southwest.  After an hour or so of medium to heavy paddling (Ben did comment that I was a ‘strong paddler’ = WIN!) we saw a waterfront bar in the near distance and decided to beachside dock and ‘take a break’.  On the waterfront patio, we enjoyed a few cocktails of coconut rum and another featuring cucumber vodka- both tasting as refreshing as the scenery.  Back in the boat, we leisurely made our way up the lake stopping every now and then to take in the crystal clear deep blue waters.

DSC01502 DSC01513 DSC01526 DSC01514

On our way back to the condo, we stopped at Ralph’s, the local grocer, to pick up some picnic supplies and provisions for the week.  At the condo, we packed our bags and set out  to the beach on foot.  The 30 minute walk took a tad longer than expected because of a few stops to take shelter under a hefty pine tree during some scattered rain.  Finally we made it to the beach and set up our feast at a picnic table under a large tree.  We enjoyed crackers, 3 cheeses, salami and lots of vino as we waited for the nearby beach’s fireworks to start a few hours later.

DSC01532 DSC01540DSC01559 DSC01552

Sitting by the water watching the sky change colors over Lake Tahoe was so peaceful and the sunset lasted 45 minutes!  After the sun went down the fireworks began, but we couldn’t see them because the beach was on the other side of the mountain.  OH WELL!  That explains why no one else was on the beach waiting for them to begin 🙂

We made the uphill trek home through the dark hoping the bears couldn’t smell our left over salami and muenster cheese!

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